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Noel Cho

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor

Life can be hard. Especially when we feel disconnected from the people that we should feel the closest to. Sometimes difficult life circumstances stand in the way of us experiencing better connection. Sometimes it can feel like being stuck in a cycle that just continues to pull us back in no matter how hard we try to break free. Sometimes we are in the cycle so long that it feels helpless and hopeless.

I work with individuals and couples on relationship dynamics, understanding why we do the things we do and finding a way to do something different. Our work together can help people break from unhelpful habits and build up inner strength to allow vulnerability to emerge because it is when we are vulnerable that we can be truly known and understood.

Clients Served
Individuals | Couples | Families
Stress | Depression | Anxiety | Identity | Perfectionism | Grief
Relational Issues | Premarital |High conflict | Infidelity
Interracial | Parenting | Blended Families
Session Type
Regular sessions: 50 - 80 minutes
Extended sessions: 4 hrs
Mini-Intensives: 1 - 2 days

* Extended sessions and mini-intensives are helpful for those who are interested in "diving deeper" than a regular session would allow, can only take limited time off work, or are interested in having joint sessions with someone who lives out of town.

Contact Me

507 Denali Pass Dr #301

Cedar Park, TX 78613

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